Welcome! by Philip Han

Welcome to the blog of KCAD Sustainability Resources!

Our aim is to connect our communities to interesting and useful resources with regards to sustainability and the triple bottom line. We hope to be a valuable resource for businesses, students, designers and artists everywhere.

Have something to share? We would love to hear your own sustainability experiences. If you are interested in sharing your own sustainability story, feel free to let us know in the comments.

KCAD Students Design App for Global Warming by Philip Han

KCAD Digital Media students designed an interactive app that educates middle school students about the realities of climate change. They wanted to inform these students about global warming issues in a way that was understandable and relatable.

The student design team included Ed Kindsvater, Brenda Snell, Tony Ellison, Casey Davis, and Pierre Babbitt, who worked with students from Kenowa Hills Middle School to make this possible. 

You can read more about the app at the KCAD website's blog: http://www.kcad.edu/blog/theres-an-app-for-that/

Winners of First Annual Wege Prize! by Philip Han

'On March 3rd, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts was alive with energy and possibility as the first annual Wege Prize wrapped up with an awards and presentation ceremony that represented the culmination of many months of brainstorming, networking, pushing forward, experimenting, failing, learning, and heading back to the drawing board to draw way outside of the lines.

$30,000 in total cash prizes was awarded through the competition, which challenged transdisciplinary collegiate teams to work collaboratively to solve the wicked problem of creating a circular economy.'

You can read more about the event and its winners at the KCAD site's blog: http://www.kcad.edu/news/wege-prize-2014-winners/

Collaborative Projects Class Summer 2013 Dominican Republic by Philip Han

This class explored essential needs products for the base of the pyramid through micro-enterprise to alleviate poverty and improve health.

We worked with Triple Quest, a division of Cascade Engineering. We invite you to read Amanda Klein's blog about our experience in La Romana: http://kcaddr.wordpress.com. 

You can also read more about the trip at http://www.kcad.edu/blog/collaborative-design-adventures-in-the-dominican-republic/.